Blue Iris use of intent


Loving the app, using it for hubitat for some kick-ass dashboards.

Anyhoo, I’m already displaying CCTV from BlueIris using media tiles, and I’ve found info on here somewhere about adding a link to the main BI app via ‘intents’ (which I’ve also done).



My question is, is there a way to use the same approach to directly open a particular camera rather than the main screen by using intent?


@Darren Glad to know you are enjoying things in SharpTools. I am not aware of Blue Iris intent for navigating to the specific camera view. You may want to reach out to BI support if that is supported and the intent format though.

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I’ve posted over on ipcamtalk - they’re pretty awesome.

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Another option might be to open the Blue Iris web interface directly. I haven’t set my Blue Iris back up since I moved, but if I remember correctly, you can navigate directly to a camera.

At the very least, you can navigate directly to a camera’s stream directly as that was a trick I used to use with Media Tiles (have them display an image snapshot that was periodically refreshed and set the click action to open the actual stream).