Blue Iris / Fully Kiosk

Does anyone have any tips on getting a Blue Iris camera stream to work in Fully on a Fire 10 tablet? I’m using http://localipaddress/mjpg/shortname. I can see the camera from Chrome and the browser on the tablet although the first time I did have to enter my credentials on each.

Also, is it better to use a media or hyperlink resource for the url?

Thanks in advance.

On BlueIris enable the webserver and also be sure that the option to not ask for a password on the internal LAN… use the code http://:81/mjpg/ on the manage resources page…
That should work


@Scunny, I personally disabled the the login credential requirement for the LAN network since I have the complete control of my LAN network. However, if you do prefer the login to be enabled, you can include the user and password as the URL parameters, and you’ll have to check “Use Secure Session Keys and login page” option in BI’s web server settings. See the post below.


It depends on if you want to display the camera live view (mjpg) in the dashboard or not. If you use Media tile, you can display the live view in the dashboard and configure the tap action to just refresh the URL source or open the URL in a modal window (to view the camera view in a bigger window prompt). But if you use Hyperlink tile, you can configure it to open the modal window to view the live camera when tapped, but you won’t see the live view within the dashboard itself.


Thanks guys for the help. I just got in and had a chance to respond and I’ll give these suggestions a try later tonight or tomorrow.


I use the uname & password as well. Also if you have a doorbell (I use nest) you can stream it to blueiris and to sharptools. I do that with no issues. The reason I mention that as I did have an issue with the experimental nest option.

I disabled the username and password for local networks as well, to make it easier to add/view cameras internally on any devices. I’m not worried about internal security - plus the Admin password is still active so that people could only view, not make changes. My cameras are external to my house only, so I’m not worried about anyone seeing anything compromising.

Regarding the type of tile, I use a Media tile so that I can have a row of critical cameras (driveway, front door, pool) as snapshots, that can be clicked on as @James mentioned, for a full view.

My only issue is that at times the MJPG becomes stagnant/frozen, so I have to quit and re-open the Fully Kiosk Browser in order for it to refresh on a camera or two.

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Awesome feedback, Jeff! Thanks for sharing!

You might try using a long ‘Refresh’ rate on your MJPG images. For example, if you set it to 60 minutes, then the dashboard would automatically try to refresh the MJPG stream every hour which might help prevent the stagnant streams.