Blinds only up or down?

I use sharptools for homey. I have a tile to control my blinds. I can only choose by press once “down” or double press for “up”. And then it will go 100% down or up, nothing between.
In homey I can long press and choose between up, down or stop. See image. What do i wrong?

Hi Jan-
You aren’t doing anything wrong!

If the window shade / blinds device exposes a percentage indicating how open/closed the device is, you’ll get a few extra controls. Sometimes you have to change the device layout to use these other types of controls:

Let me take a look and see if there’s a reasonable way to add a ‘pause’ type of action to the tile when the device only supports the open/close/pause commands, but doesn’t include the percentage open.

Would you mind sending a note to with the Doc ID of your device so I can take a closer look?