Better Weather Widget?

Any current, working better weather widgets than the one commonly mentioned one? Best I can gather (novice here), HTML widgets won’t work… They must be an image. I don’t like the appearance of the widget, and also it doesn’t show the current temperature. I like being able to just show a couple of days - I don’t want to give up the table screen “real estate” to display a full week. Also, not clear what websites folks are going to to get some of those.

Hi @Andy_Fixman, welcome to the community. HTML(or iframe) is not allowed due to security concern, but you may be interested to check out the following KB article for the weather tile setup. I use the “Weather Station” device from SmartThings to show the current weather since it offers more “current” weather info, and the widget from for forecast. You’ve mentioned you disliked the’s style, but I am not sure if you have checked the different configuration options in page that allows you to customize the style and number of days forecast.

Or you may want to check out your local news site if they offer the weather forecast in image format.

Spent way too much time on that knowledge base article. Best I can tell, that Smartthings weather device does not work with the new Smartthings app… only with “classic.” I certainly could not get it to work. Also, is there a way for theweather widget to show current temp?

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I am using the SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0, and it is still working in the new app for me. If you can describe the error or which step you got stuck, I may be able to help.

Unfortunately, I just played with a bit and couldn’t see how to display the current temperature in any way. :expressionless:

It doesnt get populated with any weather data. I have tried several different zipcodes for the location.

Maybe the problem is you state you are using version 2.0, but I dont see that as an option?

I guess the Smart Weather Station stopped sending out updates for new installs, but still working for the old users? :thinking: (I remember the ST’s Weather API change a while back, but I didn’t have any updating issue.)

You may want to try the ST community developed (RBoy ) smartapp - Smart Weather Station Updater and see if that helps.

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Thanks for this discussion. It’s led me to switch to the SmartWeather Station Tile.

Regarding widgets. I’ve used them in the past and took another look last night to verify; they give terribly inaccurate information - at least for my area - often off as much as 10 degrees from other sources.

I believe they must get their data from a random number generator…


In case it wasn’t super clear, @James had linked to the Version 2.0 ‘device handler’ of the Smart Weather Station that he was using in the text of his post (I’ve copied the link below). Have you installed a custom Device Type Handler (DTH) or SmartApp in SmartThings before?

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable posting what area you’re from, perhaps one of our community members could help you find a weather image for your area?


Could you also clarify where you set the zip code? I remember some people having difficulty with setting the zip code and recall that there are two potential places you can set it.

Fair warning that this is from memory, but I believe this is still accurate:

  1. From the SmartThings mobile app, tap the ... in the top-right corner of the main screen, select Manage Location, then tap Geolocation and adjust the location for the hub.
  2. When you are viewing the device itself within the SmartThings mobile app, you can tap the ... in the top right corner and select Settings, then fill in the Zip Code.
    • Alternatively, you can open the device details in the SmartThings IDE and update the Zip Code preferences there

As James noted, I do recall some people having issues with the Weather device not ‘polling’ for updates… in which case you would either want to create a rule (in SharpTools Rule Engine or WebCoRE) to periodically issue the refresh() command on the weather device, or use the Smart Weather Station Tile Updater SmartApp from RBoy that James linked above.

I’m in the Seattle Area. I cannot find now where I set the zipcode, but it was a blank white screen of just a couple horizontal lines of from within the (edit) SMARTTHINGS website on my PC.

I opened the geolocation as instructed from within the smartthings android APP… and it had the radius set to 250m. My first thought was, maybe no weather stations within 250m … so I enlarged the radius to 2 km… the maximum. Could the problem be there is no weather data within 2 km of my house?

I briefly looked into the github link above, but that is starting to get way over my head …

I have an Ambient Weather station at home, and I can easily get to my weather data with my Android App. It appears there was a way to integrate that into Smartthings Classic, but not the new version I use.

I’m not trying to get real time data for prices of Lithuanian Pork Futures… You’d think something as simple and ubiquitous as weather data would be trivial to add… but apparently not!

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Success! by changing the radius of my home from 250m to 2km, it did finally pickup some current weather data, and the icon is populated! I think it took an hour after I made the update, for the tile to function…


Thanks for the update - glad to hear you got it working!

Hi my friend, have you tried add a virtual device as a Weather device ?.. I had set it up in the New App…I can check many values it on it…

Same happened to me until someone told me to delete location (ZIP code) on its configuration to let to the device to take location from the account in that way I got fix the differences… Try it, for me worked immediately…

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I installed RBoy’s updater and it works like a charm. I would have been happy with a 15 minute update interval, but 5 minutes was the default so I let it stand.

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You might want to consider the Dakboard screen saver. It has a weather widget, calendar integration and links to Google photos. Works great with Sharptools dashboard under Fully Kiosk browser.

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Is there a way for Dakboard to display stuff during the day, but go black overnight, as this is in a bedroom and dont want more ambient light while sleeping.

I could not find a way to get that to work, but on my Fire 10 HD I was able to use the Fire settings to have it go off and on at specific times. That works well for me,