Best way t add a static left nav?

Is there a good or best way to add a tile that can be seen and upon clicking text, change dashboard to the right kind of like navigation? This aside from create n page then have dashboard inside a frame or sorts.

One common approach is to use a set of Dashboard Tiles styled and positioned as a navigation bar.

For example, the Dashboard Tiles have the option of showing the Label as the main content and color can be used to indicate the ‘active’ page. Here’s a video demonstrating the approach.

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Thanks the example, but can I apply a link to the label text? And then from there, how does it know if in one of the other dashboard? So if page a is home dashboard, page b is a lighting dashboard and so on?

Messing around and in theory, this works kind of, but you need some sort of base nav or so.

Additionally, is someone is using something like stylebot or the like, how could one keep this persisting in Kiosk mode forever or something?