Battery tile question

The Battery Tile is one of my favorites!

I do have a question about it: How often is the battery life interrogated/updated?

I’m trying to track down possibilities for poor battery life in my Schlage lock. It’s been a concern for a while, but a recent update to Hubitat’s Schlage driver seemed to cure it. Now I’m experiencing lousy life again. I suppose it could even be my hardware.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying the battery tile!

From the SharpTools side of things, it’s all event driven. When the tile is added, we setup a subscription to the battery attribute of the device and then whenever the hub sees a battery update, it pushes the update to SharpTools.

The real question would likely lie with the device / device driver. Most battery powered devices periodically report their battery life. Some also report the battery whenever the device is actuated (eg. locked/unlocked).


A possible problem with the battery tile. The front door battery tile is (accurately) reporting 0% life, but the color is still green.

The larger problem (which I’ll post on Hubitat) is that I’m still getting just a few weeks of battery life on the Schlage lock, and it reports 100% up until the moment the batteries are dead!

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Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look!

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Hi there.
I have a similar issue. I just wanted to make a Dashboard to have an overview of all my battery levels. But it seems that Sharptools doen’t get the correct states from smartthings. Almost all battery Tiles are displaying a completely wrong charge level. Most of these are displying 100%. on my screenshot only “Wassersensr Kühlsc…, Panic Button and Aeotec REmote Cont…” are correctly displayed. All 100% ones are wrong and also the yellow “Kamera Garten” and “Haustür” tiles on the bottom are completely wrong as one is at 100% and one at 80%.
In the smartthings app it is shown correctly.

Can you please PM me the Doc ID of a device showing the correct battery level as well as one showing the incorrect battery level.

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device in question
  4. Toggle the ‘Advanced’ switch in the top-right corner on
  5. Copy the Doc ID

Edit: It looks like the device sync isn’t getting kicked off when additional devices with the same attribute are later added to a dashboard (for the Samsung SmartThings connection).

The event subscriptions themselves are getting setup, so when a new event comes in, the state will be updated or you can proceed through the authorization process from your user page to kick off a device sync so they have fresh data.

We’ll look into how we can force a device sync, but I wanted to share the workaround for the time being. :slight_smile: