Battery monitoring on Yale Conexis L1

I have the above door lock with z-wave module and st and I want to make a tasker task that flashes the battery level maybe on locking or unlocking or at least warns me when battery level is below x%.

If anyone could give me some pointers it would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Thanks for posting - sounds like an interesting project!

There are a couple options you have here. For the Tasker approach, you could use the Thing State event plugin to have the lock status pushed to your phone anytime it changes. The following article explains how to setup an event driven Tasker profile:

So if I’m understanding your desired result, you’ll want to setup a subscription on the door lock attribute, then whenever that lock status changes, you can use the Thing: Get Attribute plugin to query for the current battery status. The following article uses the Thing: Get Attribute plugin - just skip to step 10:

For actually flashing/displaying the battery level, you have several options in Tasker:

  1. Alert > Flash: shows a quick ‘toast’ notification
  2. Alert > Notify: shows a notification in your notification shade
  3. Scene > Scene: displays a Tasker scene
    Note: This is a bit more work as you have to setup the Tasker ‘scene’ in advance, but this gives you the most customization over the look
  4. Tasker Plugin(s): There are several Tasker plugins for building simple interfaces / displays including AutoTools, Material Design Tasker, UITask, and others
    Note: plugins usually make it easy to build nice looking interfaces without having to go through the effort and detail of building Tasker scenes

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have a nice visual rule builder called Rule Engine available at

Here’s a rule that checks the lock status each time the door is unlocked and will display a Pushbullet notification if the battery level is less than 30%:

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And if you want to condition displaying the battery level in Tasker, keep in mind that the Thing: Get Attribute plugin will set the variable %st_attr_value.

So if you have the plugin get the battery level, then the %st_attr_value will be the battery level and you can use that in any IF conditions in Tasker.

Thank you for such a speedy reply…much appreciated

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