Battery level incorrect for Ring Camera

I am using SharpTools with Smartthings.

I have a 3 Ring devices, Video Doorbell, Spotlight Cam Battery and Spotlight Cam Plus, and I am trying to display the battery status on the dashboard.
The Video Doorbell shows the correct battery level.
The Spotlight Cam Plus always displays 26%, even after it has just been charged. Is it possible to get it to display the correct battery level? (I have been unable to work out how to get the Smartthings API to get the battery level).
The Spotlight Cam Battery shows the correct status of the battery it is using, but I don’t know what will happen when it switches to the second battery.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Does it show the correct battery level in Smartthings?
If yes, you can try reauthorizing Smartthings from the account page.

It’s been a while since I had this camera but it used to show 0% when it switched to the backup because Smartthings only registered 1 of the 2 battery terminals.

Thanks Terri. I haven’t worked out how to see the battery level in Smart things. Is there somewhere it is shown?
SharpTools has shown the same battery level since it was first authorised so I am not sure re-authorising will make any difference.
I suspected that Smartthings only see one battery. It will be interesting to see what happens when I charge the currently used battery.

Reauthorizing performs a fresh sync of all the device data including metadata like capabilities as well as actual values like the attributes.

It can be a helpful troubleshooting step as it can help identify if the same value is still coming in from SmartThings after a fresh sync… or if a new value came in, it could be indicative of some sort of eventing issue (device not generating events, event subscription not setup on the SharpTools side, etc).

If the device intentionally exposes the attribute value, it’s usually displayed within the device details within the SmartThings mobile app. Sometimes you can check the history for the device within the mobile app, but battery values aren’t something that update frequently for most devices, so oftentimes you would have to scroll through quite a bit of event history.

If you want to send a note to with the device ID, I can take a closer look at what the SmartThings API is reporting.

Thanks for the reply Josh.
I’ve have reauthorized Smartthings but it hasn’t made any difference (yet anyway).
And I have not managed to find the battery level reported in the Smartthings app. The app basically only shows the live camera feed. It tells you when there has been motion but you cannot look at it. You cannot really gain much from the Smartthings app - you have to go to the Ring app to do anything.
I will send the device Id separately.

From the investigation by Josh (thanks Josh) it seems that the problem is with the Ring/Smartthings integration.

Has anyone had any experience with Ring integration with other hubs, such as Hubitat or Homey, and if they play with Ring better than Smartthings?