Battery Change Icon Color

Hi My Lock Icon change color by Status Lock/Unlock, I am looking for a way to change 3rd Color if the Battery level >= X level.


Hi @EMERSON_VIER, you should be able to do that by using the Hero Attribute Layout. See the example below that I use a water sensor and use water as the primary attribute and the battery as the secondary attribute in the tile editor, then setup the state mapping and each of the styles accordingly.


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Thank you very much.

But I am sure I did something wrong here LOL

The Icon and Color did changed when I open/close.

I wrote was my fault LOL

So the first letter can not be a capital letter this is the correct way open/closed

Moore questions how can a removed open/closed from an Icon?


Do you mean how can you remove the text “Open” or “Closed” from the tile? If so, there’s a feature request you can vote on and that topic also has a Custom CSS snippet for hiding the displayed value.

We also have Super Tiles available in beta which let you customize what’s displayed on a tile (including different things / variables / icons). It’s still in beta though with custom styles being a planned feature.