Basic Help Installing

It would be really helpful and probably bring a lot more users to your platform if you had a simple step by step guide in how to get the thing working. I have been hunting for an hour. I’m not going to pay for something I can’t even get basic instructions for.

@ryan780 thanks for the post and sorry that things aren’t as intuitive as expected. Are you referring to the SharpTools Android app or the SharpTools web dashboard?

You can find the knowledge base at the following link. It’s primarily filled with SharpTools for Android content as the web dashboard was just recently released:

The web interface. For some reason it’s not authorizing my smartthings devices even though i have authorized them several times. I have no trouble authorizing on the android app

Hm - that definitely isn’t the expected result!

Are you seeing any error messages? If you are on a computer with Chrome, you might also try pressing Ctrl + F12 to open the developer tools and then run through the authorization process again to see if any error messages are reported.

I’ll take a deeper look at the server logs - I didn’t see any error messages at quick glance, but obviously something isn’t working as expected.

“Client is not associated with a smartapp in location Home.” Shows up on the authorizing page.

Had to copy the link on my profile page and then paste into an incognito window and authorization works.

Hm… that is really odd. Thanks for sharing the workaround!

SharpTools for web uses the same authorization flow as SharpTools for Android and that error message usually implies that the SmartApp either wasn’t deployed to your shard or wasn’t published by SmartThings. We know that neither of those things should be the case since you were able to complete the authorization on Android.

When you originally tapped the ‘Authorize SmartThings’ link from the Account page (in, did it prompt you to login to SmartThings or were you automatically logged in?

You mentioned that you copied the link from your profile page and pasted that into an incognito window – were you referring to copying the ‘Authorize SmartThings’ link from your profile page?

It prompted me to log in, which worked but when I selected my location, nothing else showed up.