Background Sizing

I’m having difficulty accomplishing what I’d like, and wonder if I could get some more information on how backgrounds are sized.

The objective is to create a background that provides areas of different colors placed behind groups of tiles to help distinguish the groups. This means I will have to makes the dimensions and location of the areas quite precise. The testing I’ve done appears to indicate that the background JPG is being resized. Whether I create a background, for example,1920x1200 pixels or 300x200 pixels it is resized to fit the window. Is that true?


Hi @Stan_Silverman, yes the background image will scale to fit the overall dimension of the dashboard. Meaning if you have tiles outside your screen display and you need to scroll, the background image will actually scroll too.

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@Ricky_Turner did something similar with his custom pool dashboard. From what I understand, he roughly laid out the tiles on his dashboard, then took a screenshot of that and drew a background to match the placement of the tiles.

In Ricky’s case, I believe the tiles all fit on a single screen, so there is no scrolling… so the image is the size of the screenshot. If you have tiles that flow beyond the screen size, the background will scale to fit the full dashboard size (eg. Including the height of the content that would scroll below the screen).