Background Image Refresh without reload?

I have a user-defined media item pulling an image from a certain URL. That URL will serve Sharptools different images at different times. I’m using the media item as the dashboard background, so that my background can dynamically change. I am using the option to refresh the media item every X minutes.

But sometimes I’m finding that the media item / background does not refresh unless I reload the dashboard webpage. This is for an always-on display, so the browser is always displaying the dashboard. I can’t tell if the media item only refreshes on page load, or if it sometimes does but sometimes doesn’t.

I can work around this by triggering a reload when I change the image served. But it seems like the Sharptools media item refresh would be sufficient. What am I missing? Does the media item only refresh on page load? Or should it be working the way I think it should?

EDIT: Hmm. I’m remembering now what I have done for other tiles that display dynamic images. I bet I need to add a counter or something to the URL so that the browser doesn’t display cached content. I’ll try that…

EDIT2: Well, the counter approach works when the URL is embedded in html, but not when the URL is the one that I need to input into the sharptools field for the media item. So that’s not going to work. But I apparently have another media item displaying in a tile and that media item is indeed refreshing as it’s supposed to… at least I think it is. Is there a difference between how a media item displayed in a tile refreshes and how a media item displayed as the dashboard background refreshes?

Yes, the background images don’t currently support the refresh intervals.

You might consider creating a feature request for it:

I’ve also been thinking about how variables could be used in Media Tiles and backgrounds for similar effect so this would tie in really well with that. (Media Cycling, Variables in Media)