Background error message

I have just added a Halloween Background to my main dashboard and left the rest with the original, while testing in SharpTools all works fine and the correct backgrounds show, in fully Kiosk all dashboards show the main Halloween one, with a red error box unable to load image.

I’m using Google photo URLs for both backgrounds, I’ve checked URLs are correct and they are.


Can you clarify how you set the backgrounds?

When using the same background across multiple dashboards that use the same look and feel, the most common approach is to use a Theme and set the background there.

Then if you want to override the background for just a single dashboard, you can override it by editing the Dashboard Settings and flipping the ‘Advanced’ toggle on so you can customize the image on that particular dashboard:

That red error indicates that your device couldn’t load the background image. Images hosted in Google Photos are notorious for being quirky with how they load - sometimes requiring you to login to Google on the browser that you are trying to load them from.

If the images aren’t particularly sensitive, you might try loading them on Imgur as it tends to be more consistent.