Auto door lock not working- Please help!

Hi all, I have for the past year have had my front door (yale lock) automatically lock after my door sensor (samsung) is closed for 3 mins. However, in the past few days, I have noticed that the lock isnt locking.

I can lock/unlock the door from my widget, I see the contact sensor open/close. But for some reason I can’t figure out why the lock isnt auto locking.

Hi @David_Fernando, has the rule been changed recently? From your rule screenshot, the IF condition will never be met. When the rule is triggered by the door contact is changed to closed, the IF condition immediately checks if the contact has stayed closed for the past 3 minutes, so it will always be negative because the contact was just changed to closed.

Here is the rule example that uses the contact stays closed for 3 minutes as the trigger. Give this rule setting a try and let me know if this fixed the issue for you.

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HI James, thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately when try this code, I still dont get any response from the lock. I can unlock the lock from my dashboard, but after 3 mins it still not reacting and locking.

Interesting. Can you please check the following things so I can investigate further?

  1. Take a screenshot of the contact sensor’s event history from SmartThings IDE( for the time period you expect the rule to be executed.

  2. Copy and paste the rule’s URL, and I can check the system log based on the rule id to see if there’s anything I can find.

Do you mean the rule didn’t run when you unlocked the lock from your dashboard? If so, that’s expected.

Rules only run based on the defined triggers. So it would not run based on the lock state changing since that’s not one of your triggers. That rule only has a single trigger, so it will only run when the contact changes to closed and stays closed for 3 minutes.

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Thank you for all your help!! This is now working