Auto-close Dashboard Overlays

Since in the introduction of Dashboard Overlays, I’ve converted much of dashboards. One thing I’ve thought of would be the ability to globally set an auto-close for the overlays. This is perticularylly useful for family members who simply walk away after opening/using one and not manually closing it.

I mentioned something similar to this while it was in beta.


Would love this feature.

Agreed. This feature would also allow custom picker functionality to behave like the native mode picker. Except anything could be picked, not just mode.

I like this idea. Maybe add it to the Feature Requests page?

Auto-close and maybe “Auto-open” as well! My favourite use case would be: Outdoor camera detects motion → Open Camera dashboard overlay to show camera screen → no more motion detected (or some timer maybe) → close camera dashboard.

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It’s already in the Feature Requests category. :grinning: You can scroll up to the top and cast a vote.

Agreed. I was going to try to handle this with a timer if possible, but having the native support would be better.