Attribute value in SmartThings IDE is different in SharpTools

Probably I’m missing something obvious, hopefully someone can help me figure out what it is. In summary, in SmartThings IDE, it shows the current value of the Alert attribute of my weather station is “No current alerts”…

But when I create a tile and show that attribute in SharpTools, it shows what appears to be an old alert from at least a few days ago (today being Thursday):


I thought these should be in sync but clearly my expectation is wrong. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

I checked the history of Alert attribute in the IDE and see it hasn’t matched the value I see in SharpTools anytime recently:

So where is the value that appears in SharpTools coming from?

I’m still facing this problem, anybody have any ideas?

The IDE has been deprecated and I wouldn’t trust the statuses from it. You would want to check the history within the SmartThings mobile app or the history from the SmartThings REST API directly (or via a community project like API Browser+)

Thank you! I didn’t realize the IDE might not give valid device status info. I setup API Browser+ (thanks for that suggestion too), but I found that it shows the same as the IDE (“no current alerts”) while SharpTools is still showing the same wind advisory message. Here’s my super tile config showing the wrong message:

Here are the settings for the Thing attribute, showing the device is Weather and the attribute is Alert:

Here is the API Browser+ showing the current value of Weather device, Alert attribute:

I’m still stuck why these two values aren’t in sync. Maybe I’m doing something silly, but I can’t see what it is.

Thanks for the update! Can you send a note to with the Doc ID of the device in question so we can take a closer look?

Done! Thanks in advance