Aquara Temperature Sensor + ST + Sharptools. Humidy value missing?

Hi there, i have just started playing with the SharpTools dashboard to add my devices, but i have a problem with the Aquara Temperature Sensor by Xiaomi, connected to the ST Hub. In the ST app i can see also the humidity and pressure values, in SharpTools i’m able to see only the temperature.
Is there a way to show them too?


Welcome to the community and thanks for trying out SharpTools dashboards! Yes, you can display various values from your sensors and Things using the Hero Attribute Tile layout.

You can find more details on using the Hero Attribute layout in the following help article:

The short version of it is:

  1. While editing your dashboard, tap the ... in the top-right corner of your tile
  2. Select the Change Layout option
  3. Select Hero Attribute from the list
  4. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile again and select Edit
  5. Choose your desired Primary Attribute and Secondary Attribute to display
  6. Save the tile settings and the Save your dashboard.

For example, here’s a weather device which was added to the dashboard three times so I could create individual temperature, humidity, and pressure tiles:

And here’s the same thing added to a dashboard using a single tile to show the temperature as the primary attribute and the humidity as the secondary attribute.


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Hi Josh perfect thank you very much for the help!


Hey Josh, thanks for this post…makes my OCD happy. I found this trying to solve a different issue I’m having though. I have several Zooz Z-Wave Plus Q Sensor ZSE11. These have motion, temp, humidity, light & battery attributes. I can see all of these in my Hubitat but the humidity attribute isn’t showing as an option when trying to add to a sharptools dash. It shows all the others. I made sure I had sharptools update to hubitat and checked “all devices”. I can’t think of anything else to try…any thoughts or advice you have would be appreciated.

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected with this device. What driver is being used for the device in Hubitat? Can you share some screenshots from Hubitat as well as SharpTools?

For example, what do you see in the device details screen from SharpTools?

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the … next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap the device in question

I would expect to see Humidity under the capabilities and Attribute Values sections if it was available.

Here’s some screenshots - when I go to the sharptools section that pulls the devices from hubitat, where you check the things like switches, motion, thermostat etc…there isn’t a humidity section.

Hope this gives you what you need - been driving me nuts.

Bought these sensors (over the older zooz 4 in 1 sensors) specifically for humidity monitoring on my boat.


Thanks for the additional details. Is this using the built-in Hubitat driver or a community developed driver: If it’s built-in, what hub software version are you running? If it’s a community developer driver, can you share a link to the driver / community post?

I just tried creating a virtual device using the built-in Zooz Q Sensor ZSE11 driver and when I authorize it, I see the following capabilities reported (this is on a Hubitat C-5 running

Appreciate your help Josh - all working well now.

My issue turned out being 2 fold. Forgot I had these devices initially install on hub in a different physical location and then connected to home hubitat via hub connect - then sharptools …so once my drivers were corrected, I was able to see the humidity attributes as choices.

Thanks for taking the time to guide me through this!


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