Applying ICONs to Tiles

I originally thought this was a iPad issue, learned the hard way not to edit Sharptools Dashboards using an iPad - everything just goes crazy!!!

So if I change the temperature Tile to shower icon how do I get it work?

This when pressing save I would have expected it to change the icon.

But instead

It does not change the icon and moves the tile to a new location.

This issue is repeatable and consistent

Resolved by deleting Tile and re-adding it, let me change the icon then.

@Michael_Horton, sorry that I didn’t follow up on this soon enough.:frowning: Can you still reproduce this tile positioning issue? Can you please send the dashboard URL to if this issue remains? I’d like to take a deeper look on this. Thank you.

I suspect the issue came up while editing on the iPad Safari - the weird behaviour stabilised when I moved to a Mac Safari, but left a Tile that would not hold an icon.

If I see it again will capture and submit

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