Anyone tied Sharptools in IFTTT?

Hadn’t read anything and wondering how I could use that as an integration point.

Is there any particular case you need for IFTTT integration? So we can provide better feedback.

The most common approach used by the community seems to be using virtual switches or virtual sensors in either SmartThings or Hubitat to integrate with IFTTT.

As an example, if I have a ToDoist item for tomorrow, that a hero tile shows up with that info. Things along those lines…

Most IFTTT integrations are fairly limited, but some people have come up with creative ways of using IFTTT to link services together.

Here’s the list of IFTTT triggers for Todoist. As you can see, it’s great for triggering things when tasks are created or marked as completed, but doesn’t have any timer/scheduled based functions.

That being said, we’re always interested to hear which platforms people are interested in integrating with and what they’d like to see out of those integrations. I have Todoist on the list, but only one other person has requested it so far, so other more highly requested items have been prioritized first. :slight_smile:

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