Anyone running Fully Kiosk on Windows 11?

I was reading that Windows 11 subsystem for Android allows you to run android apps natively. I would like to use Fully Kiosk on my windows touchscreens but only just discovered this. Is anyone doing this out there? Thanks.

I’ve sideloaded a few APKs with mixed success and installed some from the Amazon App Store. I haven’t tried Fully Kiosk and I would be curious how well it would work since Fully Kiosk tries to access some system APIs (though perhaps only for certain kiosk type features).

If you give it a try, let us know how it works.

Also note that you can use Chrome and other browsers in a pseudo kiosk mode, but they don’t have some of the neat features Fully Kiosk does like using the camera to detect motion and wake the screen.

It turns out that the NUC I wanted to test this on fails the Windows 11 viability test. It is running on an i3 which is below the minimum specs. Also it is missing some hardware based security capability called TDM. So I am looking to see if you can ignore this and install anyway.

The reason I started looking into this is due to issues with my camera feeds - I will post separately on this and keep this thread for the Windows 11 exploration with Fully.

I did install Windows 11 on both my NUCs. It took a little work as both apparently did not have TPM so I had to bypass this.

So far the video feeds have performed better under Windows 11 than under Windows 10 - but still not perfectly.

Also I have not been able to install the Windows Subsystem for Android yet. Apparently it installs with Amazon Marketplace app but each time I do that it tells me I don’t have enough RAM. Both machines have 16GB which is apparently more than enough.

This could be related to the way I loaded Windows 11 but I don’t think so as others have posted about this. It is also unclear if you need to be in the Windows 11 preview program to load android apps, so I joined this on one of the devices but it didn’t change anything.

I will continue to work on this to see if fully runs and is viable. I hold out hope that it is - performance running windows with my touchscreens is much better than Android X86

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I think you can set the WSA in kiosk mode. But since the apps runs in the Android subsystem, it does not give the option to set the apps for kiosk mode instead just the settings of subsystem.

Have you been able to run WSA under Windows 11? I would like to get that at least running. Then will try installing Fully Kiosk. If I can get that running then I should be able to run in full screen and control it remotely through the Hubitat plugin. Thanks.

I did finally get this working. Two things discovered so far. Cannot hide menu bar when running Fully Kiosk. Performance of Fully Kiosk is noticeably slower than native browsers in Windows. But it works.

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