Any way to execute Sharptools rules via voice?

I rely a lot on Google Assistant’s (via home mini’s) integration to Smartthings to fire off multi-step rules, such as dim multiple lights, set volumes, close the garage, etc. I prefer Sharptools’ rules engine for its power (as opposed to ST’s app), but I wonder: how can I execute a multi-step process created in Sharptools via a Google voice command? I am able to do this with Smartthings rules. Thoughts?

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@Casey_Stanley, you can create Virtual Switches in SmartThings, and use them as the trigger of the rules you want. Then you can ask Google Assistant to turn on “Good Night rule” (virtual switch), and don’t forget t to turn the virtual switch off in the end of the rule, so it can be turned on again.


User can also define a “Momentary” button to activate or deactivate a scene and do not need a manual switch off, making a momentary button to switch on (if light is off b.e.) and same momentary button to switch off (if light is on b.e.).