Any thoughts on dashboard on Smart TV - Roku, Apple TV etc?

I have been wanting to build a dashboard for my TVs in the house but so far haven’t found anyway to do this. I have Apple TV on my main TVs and then a combination of Roku and Fire TV on the others - although I favor Roku as I am able to automate it.

A simple full screen browser would suffice but one doesn’t seem to exist for the Roku or Apple?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Are you using SmartThings? If yes, Have you added Roku control to ST?

I am using Hubitat and Homeseer. I have roku control. I am looking for a way to put a Sharptools dashboard on the roku or Apple TV so I can control the house through the TV. As far as I can tell only Amazon Fire Stick has a browser?

How about an inexpensive Android TV box (dozens of these on AliExpress starting at about £30 or so)
You can run AppleTV on that as well as having a full browser capability.
And looks like you can now run a Roku app on an Android device too

Interesting idea. One of the reasons I chose roku is that I can automate the roku remotely. As it is a Roku based TV I can turn it on and off, adjust volume, load apps etc. will need to check if I can do this with Android TV. Thanks.

I have a firestick and use the Safari browser. Downloaded an App on the firestick called bookmarker 1 (they also have 2, 3, 4 etc). So bookmarker one is linked to my ST main dashboard. So I can holler “Alexa, open bookmarker 1” and the dash pops up and can then be controlled through the firestick remote. I also have bookmarker 2 set to my Blue Iris feed to pop my cameras up on the TV. Pretty happy with the interface overall.

Your book marker setup sounds interesting. I think I’d like to do something like that as well. You say you use the Safari browser on your Fire Stick? How did you go about doing that?

It’s been a while since I set it up, but if I remember right I belive it is as easy as copying the sharptools URL (whichever dash you want to use) into the bookmarker APP upon setup - not much else too it.