Any 2021 update on temp/dimming groups of lights?

Hello everyone!

I’ve had roughly a year now in the Philips Hue, Smartthings and SharpTools ecosystem. As a newcomer and non-programmer, I scour these forums every now and then in search for a damned simple solution that would offer me a tile on my SharpTools dashboard that can dim and select the color of multiple Hue white ambiance bulbs.

I have two cases where I can’t exploit these functions within Sharptools: my bathroom lights (2 bulbs) and a lamp in the living room (3 bulbs). I always have to resort to opening either the Smartthings or Hue app on my phone to do what needs doing.

The only thing I’ve figured out regarding the Sharptools dashboard in both situations is to have a basic on/off tile containing the simulated bulb that runs off the following automation within Smartthings: When “Simulated bulb” is on/off, then “Bulb 1”, “Bulb 2”, “Bulb 3” are on/off. Is there no way to get them to match the dim/temp levels too?

The old Smartthings app is dead and I can’t log in to it anymore, Smart lights app is dead too or inaccessible for me. I don’t even know why people grave dig and keep these features in ‘intensive care’ instead of developing new solutions… like a functioning mirror function.

Am I missing something or is this just not doable?

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I would set all of that for all the bulbs within a scene. Scenes will allow you to set color, dim level, color temperature and on/off status. I don’t use Hue bulbs but would think it would be the same if the bulbs are directly accessible by ST. Set an automation to run the scene via a virtual switch and then add the virtual switch to your dashboard.

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Hi @Robert_Hatrsfullr, is the automation goal to sync the switch on/off and dim level across different bulbs so you only need to control one bulb, and let the rule(s) to auto sync the rest?

Using scenes as @Bry mentioned can be one approach, and I also did this in a different ways on my rules.

Rule 1: sync the switch On/Off status from my Kitchen Light to my Kitchen Island Light, but only after sunset. (You don’t need the additional IF condition if not needed in your case.)

Rule 2: sync the main bed room light level to the bed side lamps

Here are few more examples using Context Variable to sync the attributes value across multiple devices, like color or speaker volume.

Hi my friend, It is super easy do it in Sharp Tools, my recommendation:

  1. Set some Smartthings virtual momentary switches, one for each scene you want to set
  2. Define correspondent automations in ST app or some Rules in Sharptools to define the scene.
  3. For dimming you can create other 2 virtual momentary switches to use them in a couple of tiles, one for up level, other for down level.
  4. Create a Sharptools variable $DimLevel b.e, in this variable you are going to set and control the level value.
  5. Create a Sharptools rule for Dimm Up and another for Dimm Down, for example for dimm up:
    Trigger is when Virtual Momentary Switch Dime Up change to ON, If $DimLevel is Low, then dimm to 50% and change $DimLevel to “Medium”, If $DimLevel is “Medium”, then dimm to 100% and change $DimLevel to “High” , etc…
  6. Include in your dashboard the correspondent tiles for each scene and those ones for Dimm Up and Dimm Down…

I hope I was clear and help a little…

Pd: This is a basic sample of scenes dashboard …


I thought Hue B Smart was the go to for SmartThings and Hue [UPDATED JAN 2019] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) - Remove Popcorn Effect! - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community

That looks awesome. Nice inspiration for me

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