Animated tiles that move under specific conditions

I am not even sure it it’s possible with Sharp Tools but I am fairly new.
It would be nice to have animated tiles with elements that can be edited.
A fan tile that the fan slowly rotates when the fan is on.
Weather tile where the clouds show rain drops falling from them.
An alert tile that flashes red/yellow (whatever) background or text from the default color when alerting.

If the device handler has “Fan Control” capability implemented, the spin animation option will be displayed in the tile editor and enabled by default. The spin speed is also based on the fan speed. See details in the Fan Control release post.

Or if it’s just a SWITCH, you can use Themes & Styles to add custom style with custom icon animation Rotate, and assign this style to the switch’s On state.


Can you please create a feature request, or edit this one, for animated icons in Weather Tile specifically?

You can do this through the Themes and Styles feature too. See below for a quick example that I used both icon animation and tile color for the alert/warning visual effect based on the device/variable’s current state.

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