Android universal switch not working SharpTools dashboard


I am trying to access the SharpTools dashboard using a universal switch available in my android device under Interaction and Dexterity settings. I am using a Chrome browser application to access my SharpTools dashboard.

I am using a single switch so I have to enable the Auto-scan option from universal switch settings in my android device. When I enable universal switch and open Chrome browser to access my dashboard (Home), a universal switch is able to scan my entire page without any issue. But when I choose another dashboard (TV activity) from my (Home) dashboard, Universal switch is not able to scan tiles created in (TV activity) dashboard properly. It is scanning things randomly on my tablet.

Can anyone help me to figure out why tiles are not scanned properly on my tablet?


Thanks for posting, @Assistive_Technology. What make/model Android device is this on?

And does the device offer a point scan mode? (eg. crosshairs)

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using Samsung Galaxy tab S6. As far as my understanding its offer a point scan mode.


From what I understand, a point scan mode could be used instead of a row scan mode to ensure it always scans the screen based on x,y position rather than trying to interpret objects.