Android App vs Browser

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New to SharpTools so please forgive the very simple question. I’ve downloaded the Android app. Am I right in saying that you can’t access your dashboards through the app and that the way to do this is purely through the browser?

So far, I’m really liking what I see!

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Yes, at the moment the dashboards and the SharpTools Android app are separate. :smiley:

A common approach that is used to access dashboards from your phone is to use the Add to Homescreen feature of your phone’s browser. This adds an icon to your homescreen and will launch the dashboard fullscreen. Check out the following post for more details:

And for dedicated dashboard displays (like wall mounted tablets), many people like to use an app called Fully Kiosk Browser or an app called WallPanel.

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Cool. Thanks, Josh. That makes sense and is what I’ve done.