Android App and Hubitat?

Am I missing something, how do I log into my hubitat from the android app? the only option is Smart Things?

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Hi @Eaton_Blumenstein, welcome to SharpTools and the community. The SharpTools for Android app is primarily a set of Tasker plugins and widgets and only works with SmartThings at the moment. Is your goal to access the dashboard for your Hubitat devices on your mobile devices? If so, you can add web dashboard to your Android device’s home screen or use Fully Kiosk Browser app to load the web app.

Or if you want to use Tasker to interact with Hubitat directly, you can use their Hubitat Maker API in Tasker.

I’d be happy to provide a better guideline if you can share the details of what you are trying to achieve with Hubitat. :grinning:

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ahh… ok. so its only web based? Any plans on an android app of some sort?

Can you clarify what you’re looking to do? Are you looking to access your dashboards and Rule Engine?

The Main thing, I like with the app, is that you can have widgets in your home screen that will activate certain action with 1 click, like open garage door, use the web version, means you have to go to the dashboard (which can be add as icon into android home screen) and then wait for dashboard to load and then clicking garage door, if you have widget, then you just press it, easy

Thanks for the feedback, Marwan.

One approach to get Android Widgets on Hubitat is to use the Hubitat Maker API along with something like Tasker. For example, I have a ‘Quick Settings Tile’ in my Android notification shade that turns off a number of lights in Hubitat when it is tapped (which was setup using Tasker + Hubitat Maker API):