Amazon Fire Tablet & Nest Camera

With black friday coming up, I’m considering upgrading my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to a Amazon Fire 10 Tablet. The main reason is that I would really like to stream my nest camera’s to the tablet but my current tablet can’t seem to handle even one stream, it just buffers a lot. The Amazon Tablet only has 2GB of RAM vs the old tablet’s 1GB. Can anyone confirm that the Amazon tablet would be up to the task of streaming ideally 3 nest cams?

I have the 2017 Fire 10" as one of my wall mounted dashboard. 25+ tiles including two camera feeds from Blue Iris no problem. I am wondering if the Nest buffering issue is not caused by the tablet itself, but something else? Have you tried it on other devices in the same network, like your phone?

I have tried it on my Chromebook and it works fine as does my phone. I’m running a custom ROM, SlimRom, on the tablet, could be an issue with the ROM too I suppose.

@James take a look at CJs other post about the issue:

I originally thought it might be network related or something else, but the tablet does seem to be pretty slow to react. If my Google-fu is right, it looks like the Galaxy Tab 2 is from circa 2012, so it probably is a slower device.

While I can’t speak to whether the Fire HD 10 would be perfect for CJ’s particular use case, it’s likely a major step up from a 2012 tablet. :smiley:

Fire HD 10 devices are a popular choice for use with SharpTools dashboards. They’re a good balance of performance for the price. That is to say that there are higher performance devices out there, but it’s hard to beat the “bang for the buck” of Fire tablets which is probably why they’re so popular.

Edit: Other devices which are popular in the community for SharpTools dashboards (and are likely to be on sale during Black Friday) include the newest Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Apple iPads.

I know this is a little old, but is your tab 2 rooted and is a newer OS installed? It’s a little different, but I have a Tab 3 8.0 and a fire hd8 (2015) right now. The fire Hd8 was 5 times faster then the Tab 3 until I went from Android 4.2.2 to android 7.1 with Pico Gapps installed. The Tab 3 8.0 does have 1.5 gig of Ram, but dumping all of the bloatware, other apps that took up space and memory and moving to a newer OS made all the difference in the world. I’m still toying with rooting the HD8 so I can remove all of the unneeded apps. I’m also considering rooting a 9" nook that I have sitting around, installing a newer OS and using that too.

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