Amazon Fire HD 10 is Slow over Time. Reboot scheduler?


I have few Amazon Fire HD 10 running Fully Kiosk and displaying 4 camera feeds and some SharpTools tiles for lights. I notice that over a period of time, usually 7 days to 9 days. The performance of the tablet starts to get sluggish, it will become slow for every touch or switching dashboards, etc. If I reboot the Fire Tablet, everything will be great until 7 days or longer. I wonder if there’s a tool or task scheduler that I can use that to make the Fire Tablet to automatically reboot every 5 days. If there’s, can someone give me a pointer how to do it?


@rog889, before jumping to the scheduled-reboot option, do you sideload Google Play store/services on those Fire tablets? I have personally experienced degraded performance over time when I sideloaded Play store/services. I have 20+ tiles and one Media tile (two live camera streams) on my 7th gen 10" Fire tablet, and I don’t have to reboot often.
If you use Blue Iris as your camera streaming source, you may want to use camera group so you can display multiple camera views in one Media Tile for better performance.

I don’t have any personal experience with it, but my quick research found “Fast Reboot” app from the Amazon App store allows you to schedule reboot or cleanup. (Not sure if the scheduling is available in the free version though.)

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have Google Play Stores, I didn’t know that this could slow down Fire tablets over time. I can try to reset to factory setting and see if Fully Kiosk’s performance improves. Wow, I didn’t know about the group option in BlueIris as I have suspected multiple camera feeds could hinder tablet’s performance or cause memory leak over time. I will definitely give a try.