Alternative to Fully?

Getting back to setting up my full time kiosk, have a wall mount. Not sure if this was always the case, but Fully seems to want an annual subscription for enabling things like motion detection to wake the device.

Are there open source free kiosk apps available that can do this? I wouldn’t even mind paying a one time fee, but a subscription seems like a lot for what I’m looking for!

Fully Kiosk Browser should be a one-time payment of 5.90 EUR per device (at the time I’m writing this post).

Personally, I think it’s a reasonable price if you want the “PLUS” features like Screensaver or Wake on Motion. Perhaps you are thinking of their Fully Cloud offering which is targeted to enterprises who would want to manage multiple kiosks remotely?

That being said, yes there are other open-source alternatives to Fully Kiosk Browser.

The most popular offering is called WallPanel. You can get it from the following sources:

Heck, since it’s an open source project, you could even compile it and install it on your own if you’d like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…maybe I did see the enterprise version as I could swear I saw EUR1.20 a month or something like that!

I paid $6.80 US the other day for it that was the Euro conversion for the day.

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