Alternative Tap Action for All tiles

In Edit Tiles, add a configuration for Tap Action. Selecting this would allow the user to configure a tap action regardless if the tile normally has an action. Potential Actions include:

  • Opening Websites
  • Opening Media
  • Opening Dashboards

Windo modes would be the same as others (modal, existing, new)

Example 1. I currently have a dashboard with both a weather tile (Smartthings smart weather) and a tile to open the Accuweather website. With this enhancement, I could configure the weather tile, which currently has no tap actions, to open the Accuweather website and eliminate the stand-alone tile.

Example 2: I have a calendar dashboard that shows a monthly calendar, my wife’s calendar, and mine. I also have a Date/Time tile. With this enhancement, I could open the calendar dashboard by tapping the date/time tile.

Thanks for the feedback. Based on the provided examples, it looks like the following feature request would cover the use cases:

I’ve temporarily pulled this topic out of the Feature Requests category (rather than closing it) so voting gets paused. If you agree, I can close this topic in favor of the existing feature request which already has a decent number of votes that way the votes remain consolidated.

(Consolidated votes tend to help feature requests move up the list faster and make it more likely for them to get prioritized)

The other post seems to cover what I am talking about. You can close this one. Happy New Year!

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