Allow setting size of thermostats

Just got my thermostat working on Hubitat. I use sharp tools as my main interface and use custom icon sizes. Can I beg adding to your sprint allowing to change the size of thermostat tiles (like the others?)


What size are you hoping to make the thermostat? The thermostats squeeze a lot of information on them, so shrinking them squishes things… maybe we could add a minimum restriction though. It looks like your dashboard maybe uses a smaller default tile size and then increases the size of some tiles? I could definitely see the use case to scale the thermostats larger in that case. Dashboard looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Correct; I am looking to scale larger. I am using a custome 40 pixel tile size and then scaling up. This allows for the icon-only tiles (2x1) to give overall status for the rooms. For example, the couch icon is a composite icon for all the living room lights (if one light our of four is on, it lights up). I may be biased, but I think it looks cool.

I would like to scale the thermostat to 4x2 in my above scheme…the same size as the dashboard link tiles above (Main Floor, Upstairs, etc)

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Thanks for the details. I’ve added it to the list.

Today’s platform update includes the ability to scale thermostat tiles as well as a number of awesome features requested by the community. Thanks again for all the suggestions and your ongoing support!

Announcement: Color Control, Hyperlink and Media Tile Options, New Icons, and more

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