All tiles on all dashboards changed to Placeholders?

Hi all. I’m sure I’m forgetting something simple but I’ve lost all use of my SharpTools dashboards. All tiles on all dashboards are showing as Placeholders. Did I mess up or miss some required change I needed to make?

Have you tried reauthorizing your account?

Navigate to view account
Scroll down and select manage connections
Select your platform and re-log in

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Looks like @Terri has you pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately, Hubitat is having some significant issues with their OAuth servers as noted in this thread:

It seems like the performance improves when they perform a hard restart of their OAuth services, but after a period of time it begins to get really sluggish again. They rebooted the services at the beginning of the week and things had improved, but it looks like it’s back to being sluggish again.

I would recommend starting the authorization process from your User Page → Manage Connections.

Can you try that and once it redirects you back to SharpTools to complete the device sync, can you wait on that page to make sure the device sync completes within 1~2 minutes. If the device sync doesn’t complete in that time, some people have noted that since the Hubitat OAuth servers have started having issues and they experience trouble sync’ing devices, it can help to wait 5 minutes and then try again.

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Thanks, that did it. They still seem to be having problems. It’ll work then not work a few times :-/

Hopefully they’ll pull it together soon. Thanks for the help!

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Also been having issues, but it only has occured twice. Yesterday it occured for the second time and had to try reauthorizing 6 times before all was well. Hope this is sorted out as it gets one’s heart punding thinking that all the work might have been lost.