Alexa adjusted volume and triggering routines with Smartthings and Sharptools

I had a lot of fun setting messages to Alexa when things happen in Smartthings (arm, disarm, home, alarm off, weather warnings, etc). I followed great instructions from Justin to use Voice Monkey features in Sharptools rules.(

But what if user like to max volume when alarm goes off?.
Also is not possible send a command to Alexa from Smartthings or Sharptools to launch a specific routine, the Alexa routines only can be triggered when a Smartthings sensor is closed/opened (contact or motion), but this is a walkaround for this restrictions.

  1. Create 3 virtual contact sensors in Smartthings IDE (Simulated Contact Sensor): Echo Volume High, Echo Volume Med and Echo Volume Low.

  2. Create a Sharptools variable $EchoVolume

  3. Create a Sharptools rule in order to “open” the correspondent contact sensor depending of $EchoVolume variable value (H for high, M for medium, L for low), close other 2 contact sensors.

  4. In your Sharptools rules set the $EchoVolume variable according of your need (H, M, L). Remember turn back to default volume you want after command finishes.

  5. In Alexa app, create 3 routines: Volume High, Volume Medium, Volume Low, the trigger is the Smartthings contact sensor when it switches to open status, and the action is to adjust the device volume, for example High= Volume 7, Med= Volume 5, Low=Volume 3.

  6. Use same logic to trigger any routine, for example when Smartthings Weather device is forecasting rain the virtual contact “Announce Weather” is opened, then an Alexa routine is triggered with weather announcement.

NOTE: Remember adjust your Smartthings STHM to discard your new virtual contact sensors, by default STHM can include them to trigger the alarm (happened to me :cold_face:)

I hope this help some of you.


@Carlos_Juarez, thanks for sharing the tips. :+1: I believe this is very helpful information, especially the reminder of the STHM can be tripped by the virtual contact sensor by default. :rofl:

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