Alert on Device Offline


I really could use your help.
Sometimes, for some reason, a specific device went offline, in order to get it back online I need to reconnect it.
Is there an option to get an alert when a specific device went offline?
I need to know this for my security system, sometimes door sensors goes offline and I have no idea.
There was a smartapp once that check every x times for devies and send you alert but its not working anymore.
is there an option for sharptools to do it?


@Nir_Avniel, have you looked into it why the Device Monitor stopped working? (I don’t personally use it and am curious why it stopped working suddenly for you.) Since the device status is known to be an unreliable source to check in SmartThings, I am not aware of other approaches to reliably detect the offline device other than constantly checking the device events periodically, which is what Device Monitor does.

Hi James, I have no idea why, but its not sending push notifications and not working based on my configurations.

Thanks anyway

Have you check the Live Log in the SmartThings IDE site? It may give you some clues why it stopped working for you. Meanwhile, you may want to stop and restart the Device Monitor’s smart app in the IDE site under Location, List SmartApps, and tap the button next to the Device Monitor smartapp. See the screenshot below for an example.

Anyone figure it a way to do this using Sharptools natively? Possibly with an any device variable.

At 7am every day, if $any device$ is offline, send notification with $any device$ is offline.

I’ll try
Did you try it?