Album Art Stopped Working

It’s been so long since I installed Echo Speaks that it looks completely foreign now!

It lseems that I no longer have the Echo Speaks server app. (Hubitat)
The App reports that I need to updated the server, but I don’t see that I have it.


So I went looking for the server app so that I can reinstall it. This is what I find on GitHub:

Please tell me what code in this list do I need to use?

Sorry I’ve regressed. Album art was working well for so long - and then it said, “so long”


Its been a while since I messed with echo speaks but doesn’t the server run on Heroku?

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Yes - it’s on Heroku, but that doesn’t jog my memory enough to know what to do …

What about this?

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I thought this was going to be the savior. I was doing fine following the instructions until I got to step 5:

"Follow the setup and configuration of the Pull app from here:"

This step brings me to list of files that I just don’t know how to handle. I supposed I could figure it out at one time - but not now!

I’m still stumped.

Thanks for digging this out!

@Stan_Silverman, you will have to login your GitHub account first to be able to install the Pull app in step 5.

Or you can manually remove and install the server by following the instructions below, which might be more straightforward if you have install/configure the Echo Speaks server on Heroku previously.

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Thanks for the great support @Chris_C and @James! You guys are super.

I now have album art. I’m not sure which of the many things I tried did the job; doubt that I could repeat the steps.

But happy again!