Album Art. I'm missing something simple

Hello, all. Relatively new user here working my way through the many very cool options. Hubitat, and 40 ish devices from Alexa to Zigbee. Also, echo Speaks for my many Echo Devices.
Watched a YouTube on setting up a full featured Sharptools media control page. Cool. I have the latest version of Echo Speaks, and am able to run the media player and see Album Art in Hubitat. I can also see all attributes in the echo device, so everything appears to be correct.

In Sharptools, I see the media player (controls, artist, song). I set up a second tile, changed layout for album art (yes, premium), and nothing but the headphones icon. It functions, double click next, etc. but no art. I read the thread about how Hubitat does not pass track info to Sharptools, so Sharptools has to get it itself. That may be where I’m missing something.

A nudge in the correct direction would be appreciated.

Oh, developing in Microsoft Edge Chromium Google Chrome.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Echo Speaks should make the album art available to SharpTools (it’s just the Hubitat Sonos integration that doesn’t expose the full URL).

What does the audioTrackData attribute of your Echo Speaks device show when you are playing music?

Track data, and all current Echo device data seems present in the device data page.

Thanks for the details. The formatting looks fine from a quick review. Can you share a screenshot of your dashboard showing that same track not displaying album artwork?

Okay, the top screenshot is the echo device page on Hubitat while playing Ed Sheeran The second shot is a part of my Hubitat dashboard on top of the SharpTools dash. This way I could get both players in the image.

Do you see the same audioTrackData attribute value when you go to the SharpTools user page->tap your location(hub) → and select this echo speaks device?
Wondering if the attribute value doesn’t sync over for some reason.

I can setup some tests here when this power outage is over.:cold_face:

James. No. I don’t see the attribute audioTrackData at all.

I have trackDescription trackImageHtml and trackimage.

Also, when I double click on the player it expands to more controls. attached is a pic of mine. Would this have normally additional data besides “track”? Like Artist, album, etc.?

Do you mean you are not seeing the audioTrackData attribute in SharpTools’s device page at all? Do you mind taking a screenshot of the device page? ( Not the Hubitat device page, but the SharpTools device page.)

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Well, it works now. Nothing for several days, and then the art just started showing up every time. I may have tickled the heroku connection, or simply restarted everything, but it’s going now. I appreciate the troubleshooting tips. It was good to discover the attribute values section as a great place to verify data.
Thank you.


@Kelly_Murphy, thanks for the updates. Yeah, verifying the device attribute values in both Hubitat device page and SharpTools device list page would be the first troubleshooting step to make sure the data is propagated as expected. :grinning:

Is the Album Art Tile still available? I was looking to add this to my Dashboard, but I’m lost trying to find it anywhere and I couldn’t find any mentions of it this year. . :man_shrugging:

Once you add a Music Player to your dashboard, you can change the layout of the tile to use the Album Art layout (assuming it provides the required audio track data).

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Thanks. I was certain I was missing something obvious

And I was. :laughing:

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