Album Art & Home Assistant

I’ve started my journey from Smartthings to Home Assistant and I’ve currently transferred over web capabilities of Evohome Heating and Google Cast capabilities.

With respect to Google Cast the Album Art tile displays the Artist and Song but this does not translate into Album Art being displayed.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known current limitation ?

Can you share some screenshots of the device details as reported in SharpTools? I’m curious what capabilities and attributes it’s reporting.

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device

So polite in not saying I’d done something wrong :smile:

Thanks !

LOL. That’s yet to be decided! :grin:

All kidding aside, I haven’t tried a Google Cast device from Home Assistant recently, so I can’t recall what attributes and capabilities it reports. We had to make some adjustments for another device which was only reporting that it supported album art while music was playing. So if that device was synced over while music was playing, all was good… otherwise album art wouldn’t work if the device was synced over while music was stopped.

Some of the Home Assistant integrations are a bit quirky about how they report attributes and supported features.

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@josh I was hoping I wasn’t going to need to come back…but…


  1. Smartthings
  2. Cast-Web-Api running on RP4
  3. Sharp Tools - Rule to force cycle between Cast-Web-Api and Smartthings every 15 seconds
  4. Sharp Tools Dashboard Album Art and Media Playback
  • Both tiles populated correctly (within 15 seconds based on forced recycle) with Album Art, Next Buttons, Pause/Play, Track, Artist and Media Source (Spotify)

Home Assistant

  1. Home Assistant
  2. Google Cast integration
  3. Sharp Tools Dashboard Album Art and Media Playback
  • Initially both tiles initially populated with Album Art, Pause/Play, Track, Artist
  • No Next Buttons, Media Source (Spotify)
  • When playing a continuous Album for the second song no Album Art or Artist is displayed
  • When playing a playlist for the second song the Album Art, Pause/Play, Track, Artist is displayed

EDIT Home Assistant Dashboard continues to show the second track Art and Artist on it’s internal Dashboard Tile.

So my questions are…

  • Am I doing something stupid ?
  • Is this a known issue ?
  • Is there a config fix ?
  • Is there anything else you want me to provide (with easy instructions…) ?

Bit of further digging.

Finding 1
The Services / Triggers shown between HA and SharpTools are different. I don’t know whether this is because the internal and externally exposed Triggers in HA are different or something limiting Triggers in Sharptools.

HA Services

Smarthings Services

Can you clarify how you are casting an album or from what source?

I just tried “Hey Google, Play Rock Music” and I have the ability to skip tracks and the album art updates with each new track (although each one is a new artist/album for the playlist I’m using):


Edit: I noticed that if I sync the devices over while my Google Speaker isn’t playing anything, the track control capability doesn’t get synced over. I’ll take a look at what features the Google Cast integration is reporting and if we can infer it somehow or if we just need to hardcode it.

Thanks for the update Josh.

I ask Google Mini and the default speakers is a ChromeCast Audio playing Spotify. The Chrome Cast Audio is the device I have in the Dashboard.

As discussed this is definitely a HA issue with Google Cast info Sharptools.

I also have the HA Spotify direct Integration which exposes Prev/Next track to Sharptools. Album Art is still a bit hit and miss though…