Alarm Tile Editor Additional Options

Brand new user here so forgive the ‘newbie’ question, but I can’t find my answer in search.

So I have set up a dashboard. On it, I added tiles, one of which for my alarm system. The tile looks just fine, but when I press it, it says: “Please edit the tile and select at least one action to display.”

So I edit the tile, and in the “Choose your options” picklist, there are no options. What am I doing wrong?

Hi John-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

This tile was originally designed around Home Assistant. In our Home Assistant implementation, the list of possible ‘actions’ is pulled from the command itself.

At the time we released this, there weren’t any official (or unofficial) drivers for SmartThings that implemented the Security System capability. It sounds like you’re using a SmartThings driver that implements this capability though – can you share a forum / Github link to the driver you are using which implements this capability?

If you can send a note to with the Doc ID of the ‘Alarm System’ device, that would also be helpful as we could verify what attributes and commands the device is reporting. :slight_smile: :pray:

Thanks for the welcome and quick reply. I am indeed using SmartThings; I am also a newbie on that (previously used Indigo and before that Vera and before that X10, just to age myself).

The driver I am using is here: GitHub - toddaustin07/edge_envisalink: SmartThings Edge driver for DSC/Envisalink integrations

It is for a product called “Envisalink” which provides connectivity and control of my DSC alarm system. I do have a workaround in that I can arm/disarm the system via the Mode (Away, Home, Night) tied to a rule. So I am able to arm/disarm using the mode tile (and a rule).

The Doc ID (it took me a min to figure out how to find that) is KHOr1KY1vLo5YEAQLGAJ. I will share that in an email to the support id you referenced. It does show all the commands I would expect to see:

  • setSwitch
  • setPartitionCommand
  • armStay
  • both
  • off
  • setledStatus
  • setSelection
  • disarm
  • siren
  • setPartStatus
  • refresh
  • strobe
  • armAway

Just an update that John and I worked together via email and were able to get the tile updated to support the Security System Status capability in SmartThings! Thanks again for your help testing and sharing the device details, @John_DeLuca!

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I also am trying to get this tile working with my DSC/Envisalink System. All the tile options come up and it looks normal but the tile status does not update (armed away, armed stay, disarmed). All other DSC related tiles (contact and motion) update. Any suggestions.

Are you seeing the securitySystemStatus attribute updating in SmartThings? If so, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

That’s what the security tile uses for displaying the status, so if that particular attribute isn’t updating in SmartThings, then it won’t update in SharpTools either.

Yes, the DSC Primary Panel updates in SmartThings. See attached for the 3 modes: Disarmed (Ready), Armed Stay and Armed Away. The security tile is on the bottom row, 2nd column. It displays “Disarmed” regardless of the actual mode. Notice the tiles to the right of the DSC Primary Panel. They are each updated via a virtual switch from SmartThings and work correctly. When I learned about the DSC Alarm Tile in the recent summary that was sent out, I thought this would be an opportunity to replace the three individual tiles with the one alarm tile.

Thanks for sharing - very helpful to see the screenshots! I don’t think the “Partition Status” is the same as the securitySystemStatus

The partition status is not a standard attribute and appears to be part of a custom capability that the device author defined. I’m not intimately familiar with this device, so I can’t tell you how the partStatus attribute and the securitySystemStatus are related or if you need special configuration for that.

Perhaps the device author could share some insight if you post in their thread in the SmartThings community. Or maybe @John_DeLuca remembers if he had to do any special configuration to get the statuses in sync.

Hi Josh,

Sorry for the delay, just back from vacation. I’m honestly unsure how to find that attribute in SmartThings as it doesn’t show up in the tile. But I do see it in SharpTools as I have a rule using that attribute as a trigger (which I just confirmed is updated by firing the rule). Here’s a screenshot of that: Happy to send a screenshot of the SmartThings, but just need a bit of guidance as to what screenshot you are looking for that shows the attributes.

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I now have this working. The Security System Tile (“DSC Primary Panel”) displays “Security System Status” which for me never changed from “Disarmed” regardless of the actual status of the system. I changed the tile layout to Hero Attribute and used “PartStatus” as the primary attribute. The tile now displays Ready, Armed-away, Armed-stay, etc. I selected “Trouble Type” for the secondary attribute which will show battery fault, AC loss, etc. A lot of useful information is now displayed in one tile.

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Stumbled on this post. From the OP, am I to understand there is a pre made “alarm tile” available in the Dashboard to install? If so, can someone point me toward that? I"m trying to make my own and it is functional but not very pretty.

It’s available for specific device types. The device must implement the Security System capability and you might have to explicitly change to that tile layout if the device has other higher priority capabilities.

If I remember correctly from troubleshooting with John and Bob above, certain settings in the custom DSC driver cause it to report the status in a custom partStatus attribute rather than the official securitySystemStatus.

I don’t personally use those devices, so I can’t speak to the various configurations and I think the guys above might have just ended up using Hero Attribute Tiles with partStatus instead.

If you end up posting in the original device driver author’s thread over in SmartThings and need insights from the SharpTools side of things, feel free to tag me as @joshua_lyon over there. :slight_smile:


“It’s available for specific device types”…when I go to edit my dashboard and go to add an item, I don’t see any “Alarm Tile” as a selectable.

Does the lack of said option point to the fact that I don’t have a device that it is available for or am I misunderstanding something altogether?

Did you check if your device has that capability?

weird…I removed everything. I deleted the device in smart things. Re added the device in smart things and then re-sync’ed sharp tools. Works great now. Not sure what setting I had wrong before.

Now a follow up question: When I arm my system, my system does a 60 second count down. Smart Things also does this countdown.

Any way I can tweak this tile to show the countdown? I sure the answer is no, but figured I’d ask.

As always, appreciate your help!

edit: I am able to do this with a second tile that had a variable that mirrors the alarm status message. A bit of a clunky setup, but I’m guessing this is the solution.

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