Alarm Tile Editor Additional Options

Brand new user here so forgive the ‘newbie’ question, but I can’t find my answer in search.

So I have set up a dashboard. On it, I added tiles, one of which for my alarm system. The tile looks just fine, but when I press it, it says: “Please edit the tile and select at least one action to display.”

So I edit the tile, and in the “Choose your options” picklist, there are no options. What am I doing wrong?

Hi John-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

This tile was originally designed around Home Assistant. In our Home Assistant implementation, the list of possible ‘actions’ is pulled from the command itself.

At the time we released this, there weren’t any official (or unofficial) drivers for SmartThings that implemented the Security System capability. It sounds like you’re using a SmartThings driver that implements this capability though – can you share a forum / Github link to the driver you are using which implements this capability?

If you can send a note to with the Doc ID of the ‘Alarm System’ device, that would also be helpful as we could verify what attributes and commands the device is reporting. :slight_smile: :pray:

Thanks for the welcome and quick reply. I am indeed using SmartThings; I am also a newbie on that (previously used Indigo and before that Vera and before that X10, just to age myself).

The driver I am using is here: GitHub - toddaustin07/edge_envisalink: SmartThings Edge driver for DSC/Envisalink integrations

It is for a product called “Envisalink” which provides connectivity and control of my DSC alarm system. I do have a workaround in that I can arm/disarm the system via the Mode (Away, Home, Night) tied to a rule. So I am able to arm/disarm using the mode tile (and a rule).

The Doc ID (it took me a min to figure out how to find that) is KHOr1KY1vLo5YEAQLGAJ. I will share that in an email to the support id you referenced. It does show all the commands I would expect to see:

  • setSwitch
  • setPartitionCommand
  • armStay
  • both
  • off
  • setledStatus
  • setSelection
  • disarm
  • siren
  • setPartStatus
  • refresh
  • strobe
  • armAway

Just an update that John and I worked together via email and were able to get the tile updated to support the Security System Status capability in SmartThings! Thanks again for your help testing and sharing the device details, @John_DeLuca!

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I also am trying to get this tile working with my DSC/Envisalink System. All the tile options come up and it looks normal but the tile status does not update (armed away, armed stay, disarmed). All other DSC related tiles (contact and motion) update. Any suggestions.