Air Quality Sensor

Hey, just got my new Amazon air quality sensor, cheap and nice device, plays very nice with Alexa too. However, there is no simple way of adding it (it has 5 parameters it measures) to ST and SharpTools. Any ideas how to do it, besides me writing a new device handler?

Can you share a link to the device?

I’d love a reasonably priced air quality sensor, but I tend to stay away from Amazon devices as they try to lock you into their world. Most their stuff ONLY works with Alexa which is no go for me.

From what I can found, I cannot think of any easy way to integrate. However, I am curious if you can create Alexa Routine based on each of the 5 parameters it measures? (At least to turn Simulated Switches on/off based on the measurements for waring purpose?)

And then routine does what?

I think he’s saying turn a virtual switch on so you at least have a warning.

I think it’s really unlikely to get raw data out of it unless somebody reverse engineers it. That’s just the thing with Amazon devices, they try to lock you into Alexa.

If you find something, I’d love to know though. Looks like a neat device.

Not sure if you can do something like this in Alexa Routine:

When the AQM is lower than 70, turn AQM_Warning_Switch on, where the AQM_Warning_Switch is a SmartThings Simulated switch.

So at least you get the warning though not the exact AQM value. I remember the Alexa Routine’s trigger is limited to certain attributes, like motion or contact, but I can be wrong though.

Yeah, going to see if I can extract some data from the device
Unrelated question, did you guys figure out multi component device support from the ST, i remember last time ST did not open it for integration or something?

Yes, actually works nice, I left it in the closed room overnight with air freshener, it blinked yellow in the morning for the VOC