Air Pressure rise and fall


i have a sensor thats i use for air pressure and i would like to add an arrow that will show when the pressure rises or falls, what would be the best way of doing this?


I was just thinking about that today. One way would possibly be make 2 separate Devices? 1 for up and 1 for down? Then change the Style and icon based on current status?
Before IDE went away from Smartthings, I had a Barometer Trending status based on TWC (weather channel) that you could use with Webcore. The device would indicate Falling, Steady or Rising. I tried that scenario now with Webcore but that connection seems to be no longer available.
Hopefully someone can come up with a viable solution,

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One approach might be to a setup a rule that compares the current value with the last value and see which direction it went, then store the result in a variable.

The rule would trigger on your value changing, then it would use an expression to determine if the current value is higher or lower than the previous snapshotted value and would write that out as a direction in text to a variable (or just the numeric difference if you want).

Then you could use your ‘direction’ variable in a Variable Tile or Super Tile to customize an icon and visually show the direction things are changing.

I tried using 3 different Virtual Switches (Rising, Steady and Dropping). In Wecore I created pistons based on If Rising occurs then turn on Rising and turn off Steady and dropping, If dropping turn on dropping, and turn off Steady and Rising, If no change for 2 min then turn on Steady and turn off Rising and Dropping.
It did NOT work, changes were not firing an update, (I even used Refresh after any changes)
Not sure how to do what you are suggesting in Rules or Webcore
Thanks for the suggestion.

How were you determining Rising, Steady, and Dropping?

How you define those terms makes a big difference in how things might be implemented (and thus how well it works). In my example above, it would literally just compare the last value with the current value to determine which direction things are going. That’s fine for something that changes in stable increments, but if your values bounce up and down as they increase or fall, you would probably need some form of averaging to handle things.