Aggregate variable rules

Hey everyone!

Like many others I am loving the concept of aggregate variables. For example having a “all doors locked” Boolean variable. Then setting up a rule that changes that to true or false and is triggered by the state change of any lock.

I am using this on an “overview” dashboard so at a quick glance I can see if the house is all good before going to bed. Of course using styles to stile them green vs orange etc depending on the state of the variable.

Depending on how many devices folks have, it can be arduous to set the rule up and also remember to add the new device to the rule when you get a new lock.

It would be cool if on the rule I could say “any device with capability LOCK set to “locked”. In other words rather than choosing all of my locks in the “if” of the rule, just specify all devices with a capability of “lock” (or any capability - So it would work for contact sensors, window blinds, etc).

Do not only is it easier to setup but it also self maintains itself in that if you add a new lock later, the rule automatically accounts for it without you having to remember to add it.

Just a thought!