Aeon Multisensor 6 not showing degree symbol?

Any thoughts on why the degree symbol shows for some motion sensors but not the Aeon Multisensor 6?

All are set to Type = hero attribute = temperature and Show Units. Device type = Aeon Multisensor 6


@Scott_Farnsworth, can you help verify if the Aeon Multi-sensor actually reports the unit in the Hubitat device’s event page?

Hi James,

It does not. Is that good? bad? non-starter? Does that just mean you guys can add that, but don’t want to if the vendor/driver/HE is already adding the degree symbol? Thanks!


The Hero Attribute Tile displays whatever units are reported by the device by default. You can use the ‘Units (override)’ field to customize the units to bring consistency across devices that are reporting units differently.


Here’s the degrees symbol for your convenience if you want to copy-paste it. :slight_smile:


Super, thanks. Am smarter now. Will implement.

Regards, Scott