Advice on locking screen during parties

Does anyone have any advice on how to implement a simple lock element - ideally with a PIN, to lock the screens during parties?

I have some ideas but wanted to throw it out to the community

I am running Windows on my main touchscreens and Kindles for all secondary locations.

You can apply a pin lock in the dashboard settings:

Hi Bernhard,

I should have been clearer, I am not looking to prevent people from editing the dashboard - I want to prevent them using anything on the dashboard. On my old system - running MyServer - I had a mode which when activated locked the screen but still showed all tiles - Party mode. Then it required a PIN to unlock to press anything. I am going to build something similar here but wanted to see if anyone had done this already.

I thought that’s what the above setting does. It requires a pin to access any tile on the dashboard. Obviously your browser needs to be locked down such as kiosk mode in fully kiosk browser.

Thanks - I did look into this but was getting some odd results. Protecting all tiles still allowed some tiles through.

One example is the weather tile - which has no apparent security settings and is still clickable under all tiles protected. I have a few other tiles like that - variable tiles for example - but they do have a security option - but I shouldn’t need to set this when I have all tiles protected?

Also, when clicking on some tiles while protected it visually looks like the tile was pressed but the command is of course not processed. From a UI perspective this is confusing.

And as far as I can tell the pin pad only comes up with tiles that have a specific security setting - no way to set this on the all tiles protected to come up when anything is touched.

These may all be intended behavior or bugs?

What I want is the entire dashboard to be locked and if you click anywhere it prompts for a PIN before continuing. Thanks

This might be a question for @josh

The dashboard level settings should propagate down to the individual tiles. And if you adjust the setting on an individual tile, that tile setting should override the dashboard level setting.

I can’t reproduce the issue on Variable Tiles. If I enable PIN Protection on all tile from the Dashboard Settings (and set a valid PIN) and leave the ‘Security’ setting unchecked on all my tiles, then I’m prompted for my PIN when I tap on a variable tile.

Of course, if I update variable tile to have the security setting overridden to allow ‘Control’, then it bypasses the dashboard level PIN setting as I expect.

We aren’t dynamically removing the waves effect at the moment.

Hm. I’d have to go back and review my notes on that one, but it feels like a bug. We historically didn’t have Security settings on tiles that were view only. The Weather Tile was later retrofitted to have some Hyperlink / Dashboard actions on it and I could see the use-case for wanting to apply special security settings for that now.

I made a quick recording of what I am seeing. The variable tiles are not prompting me when I click on them.
Screen grab

@josh I played around with another much simpler dashboard that I have at my door next to the garage. I can confirm that locking the dashboard does not work on any Virtual device tiles I have from Hubitat. I use these quite a bit for various purposes.

Also, I have a media tile on this screen showing a camera feed outside of the door and this also allows the user to click and enlarge the image while locked. Not a big deal but a lock should prevent this as well in theory?

For now, I think I am going to create a dashboard for the main touchscreens that has limited capabilities and try locking every tile and then loading this during parties. I can’t tell you how many times as the night wears on, someone has started playing and put the house to sleep or changed the radio!

Why don’t you create a dashboard using just a photo or image hide a tiny translucent back button, that returns you to the main dashboard (In a position that only you know)

People would give up pressing before they find the hidden back button

This dashboard can be activated from your main screen via a dashboard tile or if you use Fully Kiosk you can activate this screen using Web Requestor

Definitely a great Plan B. Essentially a party screen with the needed information or that which I want guests to be able to use. Thanks.

Can you just long press the power button and hit lock screen? That’s how my Android tablets work.

I settled on a special page with limited tiles on it that required a PIN code to get out of it back to the main page. There is definitely something funky going on with PIN control of a more complex page in my setup.