Advice on camera feed timeouts

I recently switched from running Fully Kiosk on Android-X86 for my large touchscreens. I upgraded to ELO touchscreens (which are great) but could not get the touch driver to work with Android-X86 so I switched to windows 10. All touchscreens run off NUCs.

I have tried Firefox and chrome. And in both cases the camera streams stop after some period of time - not sure how long but I think several hours. I tried adjusting the media tiles to refresh every 1 minute or anything in-between.

I have tried internal and external IPs for the camera feeds. None of them are https: - but Fully didn’t have any issue with that - perhaps Chrome and Firefox do?

A refresh of the page in the browser does not do the trick. I have to kill the browser process and restart it.

Interested in getting any thoughts on this. Thanks.

That is interesting. The normal recommendation is to use the Automatic Refresh in the Media Resource and set it based on your needs (eg. for some people 30 minutes might do the trick, for others 3 hours, and for others 3 minutes).

That’s interesting that it occurs on both Chrome and Firefox. Are you running Fully Kiosk on other devices and didn’t see the issue there? Just trying to narrow down where the overlap might be.

Also, what type of camera / NVR are the streams coming from? Just curious if it could be unique to the camera or NVR.

Fully Kiosk does not have this issue - hence my interest in running Fully Kiosk on Windows 11. The streams are coming from Frigate. Doesn’t add up.

I’m even more confused this morning. I put a routine to restart Firefox every morning on first motion. Today it restarted and one camera feed came up and the others do not display. So I restart Firefox again a little later when I noticed and all cameras come up.

As mentioned, Fully Kiosk had no issue with the feeds. So this is something to do with Windows and/or the browser engine?