Advanced Background Settings and Premium Album Art Tile

So I have updated the device driver on Hubitat but and added the echo devices to Sharptools

Yet I do not see any option to select them as a tile on the dashboard, where am I going wrong?

Try reauthorizing starting from SharpTools.

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select Hubitat
  4. Follow the authorization prompts

Edit: Also note that Hubitat won’t let you save a device driver with capability 'Audio Track Data'. We’ve submitted an update to Echo Speaks to add the audioTrackData attribute directly to the driver, but it hasn’t been included yet. In the meantime, you can use this modified version.

As of this edit, Echo Speaks ( should supports the audioTrackData property in Hubitat and should work out of the box with Hubitat or SmartThings and the Album Art Feature.

Mmmm nope still not showing. So I have echo dots set up with Echo Speak, they should be showing up?
EDIT: Seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Sorry Josh, just another question. Says to edit the DTH to get album art work to function however when that is done I get this error
“Metadata Error: Capability ‘Audio Track Data’ not found. on line 26”

Please see my note from above. Hubitat doesn’t accept the Audio Track Data capability, but the audioTrackData attribute can be added directly and it will work.

See the link above for a copy of the driver which has the attribute already added for you. :slight_smile:

Sorry Josh missed that. I however just decided after finding another post of yours was to just have a button that opens up spotify via FKB and that works really well for what I want, but thanks again for the help!

Josh - have installed the updated driver and reauthorized it in SharpTools. Still getting just the headphones. Have only tried it playing Pandora; assumed it would have album art.

Hi Stan, I assume you are referring to Echo Speaks?

It looks like one of the Echo Speaks updates removed the Audio Track Data capability which is needed to show the album art. You can use the following linked version which works on both Hubitat and SmartThings:

Josh - That’s the version I’ve installed:

Thanks for the screenshot. The version number wasn’t modified in the version I linked to (so I can’t tell from your screenshot if you installed the linked copy), but the audioTrackData attribute was added on line 67. After updating to the linked copy of the code, be sure to reauthorize the device in SharpTools to sync over the new attribute.

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Thanks Josh. Everything looked correct, so I tried it again tonight, and Album Art is working fine now. Tested Pandora and iHeart Radio.

Now I’ll try to figure out some practical uses for both album art and speech.

Speech works in the test mode. Want to figure out how to direct speech to an Echo device upon an event - such as door opening. Nice new capabilities - fun to learn!

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Great job guys on the Album Art Tile! Looks great on my wall mounted tablets. Unfortunately just realized that HE only gets the track info if it is a single speaker or the group leader in a group. Been researching for a work around but haven’t really found anything yet other than keeping that speaker as the leader in any grouping.

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@josh @James Is it possible to create a pop-up menu to choose which speaker to play music on? This could be similar to the “routine picker”. Thanks. Great work!

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@Robert_Bourne that would be neat. What kind of speaker device and on which platform?

For me Sonos and IOS. I saw some threads on launching the Sonos app from a dashboard but haven’t played with it yet. In my case just displaying the album art is way cool. As for control, I usually use Alexa to control my Sonos or the app on my phone.

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I have Amazon Echo speakers on SmartThings

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So worked on adding the Premium Album Art Tile for hours last night with major headaches.

Then it dawned on me today what the issue might be.

To clarify I am using echo speak, and have a lot of echo devices. I was trying to control my “everywhere” group that links them all together…and could get it to control the devices (very slowly) but no artwork.

I changed it to just control my main living room device, and it now works perfectly! No idea really why this is, so if anyone has input that would be great, but I am happy for now! I love this tile!


I am having trouble getting the album art displayed. I tried editing the main parent echo speaks app, and just pasted in the code from above, but I get an error message. Is this that the correct way to fix this issue, or am I doing something wrong?

Hoping to get some help with this before my premium trial runs out. The cover art and ability to make a music panel is what made me want to switch from actiontiles.