ADT/SmartThings Hub Armed Stay Event

I’ve set up a rule to trigger an event when the unit is put in Armed Stay. However, the event is never triggered. How can I troubleshoot this? Is there a log or a way I can see the behind the scenes logic?


@Richard_Beck, rule history execution log is not currently supported, but is in my list. Can you post your rule, or send the screenshot to if you prefer, so I can better understand your rule? You can also add a notification action during troubleshooting, ex: email yourself something, as part of the rule flow so you know if the rule gets executed at all.


Thanks for the reply. Screenshot is attached. I will try the email notification.

Loving this platform!

Oh one more thing, how do you verify the SHM status on SmartThings? Do you use the new SmartThings app or the classic SmartThings app? The reason why I asked is the SHM in new SmartThings app is different than the SHM in classic SmartThings app, and SmartThings has not opened the API to anyone to access the SHM data set in the new SmartThings app yet.

I’m using the new App but we usually arm the alarm from the ADT panel. Does that make sense? Are you familiar with the ADT Smarthings Hub?

I’ve bee doing some reading and I think the ADT/Smartthings panel is a little different. The ADT status is different than the SHM status and they are not linked. That’s why I can’t trigger an event. I am looking into a SmartApp addon that would sync the two status. that maybe a work around for the issue.

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That is interesting, I didn’t have the ADT ST, but thought it uses the old SHM. So when you change alarm status on ADT planel does the SHM change in the new ST app? Thanks for sharing the info, it can be a good idea for us to put a KB article for other people who run into the same issue. :smiley:

Ok, I just did some test and when you arm the ADT side of the smartthings panel it doesn’t change the SHM side of smartthings. I downloaded a smart app (linked above) to sync those to two settings. When I did that My rule worked and locked the front door.


Glad to hear it is sycned and the rule is working now.

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