Adjusting numeric variables in dashboard

I have a variable that is a number. I want to adjust it in my dashboard. I can easily create a variable tile for it. I can “enable quick adjust” to add up and down arrows. Additionally, I can “Show Value Prompt” if I want to manually type in a specific number (so I don’t have to press the up button 50 times to go from 20 to 70).

My issue is on my Ipad when I click the tile, the Value Prompt pops up, but no keyboard or keypad. I don’t have a way of manually entering a number for it.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong here…right?

I would love it if a keypad would pop up like it does for entering your pin on pin protected tiles. But at a minimum if it were to pop up the ipad keyboard to type in there, that would work.