Adjusting numeric variables in dashboard

I have a variable that is a number. I want to adjust it in my dashboard. I can easily create a variable tile for it. I can “enable quick adjust” to add up and down arrows. Additionally, I can “Show Value Prompt” if I want to manually type in a specific number (so I don’t have to press the up button 50 times to go from 20 to 70).

My issue is on my Ipad when I click the tile, the Value Prompt pops up, but no keyboard or keypad. I don’t have a way of manually entering a number for it.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong here…right?

I would love it if a keypad would pop up like it does for entering your pin on pin protected tiles. But at a minimum if it were to pop up the ipad keyboard to type in there, that would work.

You should just need to tap on the input field in Value Prompt pop-up as it’s a normal text/numeric input field.

Correct. At the time of this post, that pop up prompt was not popping up. Yall did a version fix shortly after that fixed that issue.

I would, love the ability to make it so a number pad pops up rather than text/numeric keyboard option.

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The pop-up uses the native keyboard from your device. If I understand correctly, you are looking for a numeric input within the app similar to the PIN protection input, right?

If so, I would be curious what specific problem you’re trying to solve compared to the native keyboard though? The numeric input field is tagged in such a way that it should bring up the ‘digit’ input on your device. Perhaps we could make it automatically focus on that input so it brings up your devices digits input / keyboard automatically.

Correct. I am having to make a custom thermostat control because my (samsung) mini split doesn’t play nicely with the SharpTools native thermostat control. Looking to click on a tile to have a pop up key pad so I can quickly type in the desired temperature. Yes, I can still do this with the native keyboard…would just be cool if I could make it a keypad instead.

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