Adjust Google home volume

Is there a way to adjust each Google home volume in my house through sharptools? My Google home devices are connected to Hubitat if that helps any?

I’ll have to test the Hubitat Google Home/Chromecast integration as I can’t remember which capabilities it exposes.

If I remember correctly, it does not expose the Music Player capability, so it doesn’t show up like a traditional music player tile with the volume control in the Adjust popup. I don’t recall if it implements Switch Level - if so, you could set it up as a dimmable tile.

Worst case scenario, you could create a few rules in the SharpTools Rule Engine for various quick set volume levels and then add those rules to your dashboard as tiles.

Ok, would I share them from Hubitat as actuators? I believe either that or speech synthesizers are the only options to share them under.

You can authorize it under any capability that it exposes and SharpTools will have access to all capabilities that it exposes.

I double checked and it does not expose a Music Player capability, so it won’t show up as a Music Player tile. That being said, you could still setup custom Rules to jump to predefined volume levels and add those rules as tiles to your dashboard.