Additional Icons?

I did have a search and saw that there is a feature request for a custom icons feature. However, is there any way that some other icons can be added in the meantime? Perhaps it would be useful to have a single thread for icon requests. I could do with the following which are unavailable. I can’t be the only user to monitor a dishwasher and have automated curtain rails:

Curtains - Open and Closed (we seem to be limited to blinds/shutters)
Dishwasher - There is washing machine, dryer, fridge/freezer and oven but no dishwasher)

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 09.37.16


Certain Icons are not available because of the icon pack that is used by the SharpTools site. However with some searching it appears it could be possible the SharpTools team could upload icons to the kit to be used.

Even though this is possible any new icons would have to be of a certain type and match the look and feel of the rest of the icon pack.

Maybe @josh or @James can offer some more details on this subject.


Yes I fully agree regarding the style of the icons. It would be pointless adding additional icons that didn’t “fit in” and follow the existing style as that would spoil any dash. The icon I posted was just an example. There are some icons that look to be very niche and unlikely to be used by most users but I imagine there are many missing that would be frequently used.

Exactly, there’s a bunch of icons I don’t need and can’t imagine many others would either.

But for example, there’s a garage door icon, with boxes, with a car, going up/down but then, there’s a winged gate, wooden gate, … But no sliding gate and no gate opened icons.